High Quality Free Photoshop Milk Brush


This is a high quality brush, which can be used to add a realistic milk affect to your designs this is unique Photoshop brush and there is not many brushes of this quality and type available on the internet so enjoy the set. We would love to hear your thoughts on the set alongside your feedback.

License Details

The brush pack made available for free download “Spiral Brush Set” is licensed under the creative commons license. Which means these brushes can be for personal and/or commercial purposes.



Brush Set Details

File type: .abr

Compatibility: Photoshop

Size: 1.00 MB


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  • rumahcetak

    this is what i’m looking for.. thank you so much

  • @_JJunior

    thank you!!! GoOOOOooooOOOoood!!!

  • shrecks

    hey can you tell me how this can be designed ? you know , atleast something similar ?

  • Mark Crosbie

    Thanks so much for this download,its really cool!

  • raybak

    Thanks for offering free donwload of this brush.

  • doy

    thanks. i am a heavy user

  • vladux

    Nice! great resource, tnks!

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  • Wreak peace

    These will be a lot of fun to play with!!

    Thank You!!

  • Danny

    Thanks. I used them for the header of our blog.

  • Cody Keisler

    what font is that?

  • marko

    amazing resource, thanks is a very useful resource

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  • jeja

    Thank you so much!

  • nina

    hello, i’ve downloaded this brush, where can i find it to use in photoshop? any help much appreciated

  • Pamela Smith

    Thankyou so much for letting your work be downloaded – the milk splashes are amazing! :-)

  • Mohammad Arif Ansari

    Unique Brush Unique Impact

  • percetakan

    wow,..This is a great collection of tutorials. Thank you.

  • Wesley van Wyk

    Thanks for the Free Brushes. Appreciate your work.

  • nerociel

    this IS what I was looking for!
    thank you soo much for sharing!

  • Ide

    Thank I need this.. manipulation with Milk Texture and Custom Brushes in Photoshop

  • Kostya

    Please reload the file. I want to download it, but the link is not working.

  • Julia

    This is exactly what I need, but the link isn’t working. Please help me!

  • Lynnc

    All access to this object has been disabled


    not cool, was looking forward to trying these brushes out.