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60 Best Icon Sets From 2009

icon-banner The of best 60 icon sets from the design community which were created in 2009. A collection of some amazing icons from hand drawn icons to 3d icons something for everyone. Some great icons to add to your collection of design resources.

Leave a comment which is your favourite icon set from 2009 ?

1. Free Social Media Icon Set For Your Blogbottle-sm-icons

2. Freebie: Fluzzy Twitter Icon Settwitter-icons

3. Sketchy Icons


4. Archigraphs Christmas iconschristmas-icons

5. 27 Circular Social Media Icons in 3 Sizessocial-icons

6. Free Chrome Social Media Iconschrome-soicial-media-icon

7. Free Fresh Slick RSS Icon Setfresh-rss-icons

8. 108 Black Inlay on Steel Social Media Iconssteel-soicial-media-icons

9. Free Portfolio Icon Set Designed by IconShockportfolio-icon-set

10. 30 Pretty Office Iconssimple

11. Social and Web Iconssoicialable-icons

12. Free ‘Social Media Bookmark Icon +’ pack, the ever growing icon setgrowing-icons

13. Social Network Iconssleek-soicial-media-icons

14. Free Twitter Bird Icon Setprductive-dream-icons

15. Free WordPress Folder Icon set for our readerswordpres-folder-icons

16. Watercolor Free Icon Packwater-color-icon-set

17. Financegold-icon-sets

18. Onebit free icon setonabit-icon-set

19. Free Cute Furry Monster Icons for Mac, PC and Web


20. Lovely website icons pack 2lovely-website-icons

21. Free Set of Social Media Icons – Large Icons Social


22. Beer Cap Social Iconsbear-soicial-media-icons

23. Exclusive Free LBOI Icon Set For Designers By Iconshocknotead-icon-set

24. Web browser icons


25. Page Peel Social Icons – Version 2page-peel

26. Onebit free icon set #2iconjoy

27. MinIcons


28. MinIcons


29. Christmas Gadgets – A Premium Free Icon Setchristm,as-icons-2

30. Colorflow Car brand iconscolor-flow

31. Adobe CS4 Icons


32. Stock icons


33. Blogging Icon Set from IconShock


34. Basic set


35. austerity


36. Social Icons hand drawnedwater-color-icons

37. Phuzion


38. Five Free Vector Icons: Plastic Iconsetfive-free-vectors

39. I like buttons 3a


40. project: PANDORA dock iconspandora

41. Twitter Icons .PSD


42. TurboMilk


43. Web 2.0rigami


44. 330 Free Letter Pressed Iconsletter-pressed

45. Orb Icons Pack


46. 8 icons


47. Free Social Media Icons for Your Blogfolder-stylejpg

48. Free E-Commerce Icons from IconShockeco1

49. Flavours Icon Set


50. Christmas- Social Icons- 1christmas-icon

51. Free Set of Social Media Icons – Rivet Socialdesign-bump-icons

52. Free Social Media Icons for Designers – A Life in Pixels


53. Sketchy Web Icons: 30 Hand Drawn Icon Packsketched-icons

54. Free Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set


55. Free Icons: Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Iconspeel-over-icons

56. Free Controversial Political Characters Caricature Icon Set political-chracters

57. Tabbed Social Media Icon Set 50+ Iconstabbed-soicial-media-icons

58. Social Cubes – Exclusive Vectortuts+ Free Pack


59. Freebie: Blitter Twitter Icon Settwitter-birds

60. 200+ Free Exclusive RSS Icons: “Supra”exclusive-rss-icons

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16 thoughts on “60 Best Icon Sets From 2009

  1. This selection is awesome! Thanks very much! I just stumbled across your site and you have very good stuff. Keep up the good work! Iconshock’s icons are the best by the way!

  2. I have a best of 2009 icon post waiting to be published, looks like you beat me to it. Although some of them are the same there is a lot of differences from your list to mine so it should still be a useful resource when it’s published. Thanks for a very nice collection.

  3. @Steven Snell ye I’ll look forward to seeing your post there’s been tons of great icons released this year. I’m really liking the icons which icon shock have been producing they create some amazing icons. Thank for the comment and thanks everyone else who’s commented on the post.

  4. Fantastic work! Thanks for the marvelous post Timothy. I agree with you, Iconshock’s work was outstanding last year. That set they did for “Little box of ideas” is one of the best I’ve seen in my life! Thanks!

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