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50 Best Free Fonts From 2013

I’m sure we have mentioned many times before on Creative nerds that we are font fanatics. Fonts are a fundamental aspect of any design matching the right fonts together can make a huge impact on  any design project, websites, print etc.

This blog post is a compilation of the very best free fonts, which where created  within 2013 this is the perfect design resource for any webdesign or print designer. A must bookmark asset for any font addict.

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1. BARON (Free typefamily)baron

2. Wavy WAVY

3. Cantercounter-typeface

4. Mojave Typefacemojave

5. Musketmusket

6. Hiruko Prohirko-pro

7. Graham Handgraham-hand

8. Marmellata Jammarmella

9. Chompchomp

10. Bikohawk

11. Kelson Sanskelson-sans

12. Danis handwritingdanis-handwritting

13. Sequisqui

14. Strokestroke

15. Lev SerifLEVI

16. Copper Penny Fontcooper

17. Uralita Boldulra-bold

18. Braxtonbraxton

19. Densedense

20. Knubi Fontknubi

21. Party handparty-hand

22. Yumayuma

23. Clingy Fontclingy-font

24. Quirky Notsquirky-nots

25. Tracktrack

26. aliquaaliqua

27. Stelastela

28. What’s My Age Againwhats-my-age

29. HECTICAhetica

30. Bauserifbausif

31. PROMESH – A Free Athletic Fontpromesh-free-font

32. Fada Free Fontfada

33. Noodle free fontnoodle

34. Salt And Foamsalt-foam

35. Myra


36. Kelson Sanskelson-sans

37. Moonshiner: New Free Typefacemoon-shiner

38. zwodrei zwodre

39. Amendeamende

40. Vincentvincent

41. Hapna Monohapna

42. Speakeasy – Free Fontspeaksy-free-font

43. Higher – Free Fonthigher-free-font

44. V.GER Grotesquevger

45. Gangnam Free Fontgangnam

46. calendas pluscalendas-plus

47. Lovelo fontlovelo-font

48. Electro Fontelectro-font

49. Bispo  new-bispo

50. geogram typeface – free fontgeogram

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