40 Best Free fonts from 2014

I’m a font addict and always seeking out the best possible free fonts I can get my hands on. This post is the ultimate compilation of the best free fonts, which have all been released in 2014. Its always good to have a list of the best fresh free fonts to incorporate into your web and print design projects.

Please let us know if there’s any other great free fonts out there created in 014, which maybe missing from compilation we would love for to you to share linksĀ inĀ the in the comments section below.

1. Big John / Slim Joebig-slim

2. POLYAploya

3. Piroupirou

4. Nexanexa-rust

5. Zodiaclawzodia-claw

6. Parkerparker

7. Christmas Timechristmas-time

8. REIS FREE FONTreis-free-font

9. AXISaxis

10. Portoporto

11. SUNNsunn

12. Andersanders

13. Troikatrokia

14. Vicassovicasso

15. Montserrat monsterat

16. Southpawthanks-for-memories

17. Railwayrailway

18. Bebas Neuebebas

19. Odin Roundedfont-odin

20. BrownieBROWNIE

21. KH Idonxkh

22. GEARUS /Free/ Font Familygearus

23. Porter Sansporter-sans

24. Hitchhiker Free Fonthitch-hiker

25. Rhinorhino

26. HandwritingHANDRWITING

27. Clockerclocker

28. Arenqarenoq

29. Hello Sanshello-sans

30. Blendablenda

31. Chasechase

32. Brokenbroken

33. Mens Romancemens-romance

34. Thirsty Scriptthirsty-script

35. Franklin Gothic FSfranklin-gothuc

36. Stencil Cargostencil-cargo

37. Klartext Monoklar-text

38. KAIJUkaju

39. Siamesasimiesea



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