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30 Top Best Free Fonts From 2010


Their was a huge amount of great free fonts released this year, therefore i thought it would on be only wright to do a roundup of the top 30 best fonts released into the design community within 2010. This a great resource and something every designer should check out.

1. Val


2. Sketchetik (FREE)sketch-tik

3. Disorder Type (2010)disorder

4. Null


5. Mod Gothicmod--gothic

6. Brandon Fontbrandon-font

7. Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font – Exclusive Free Downloadtribbon

8. Dekar dekha

9. Four Free Type!pefoma-font

10. Four Free Type!bext

11. Kilogramkilo

12. Cold Boldcode-bold

13. Barrister Sansbarraster

14. Lobster lobster

15. Sudam Untitled-1

16. High Five fonthigh-five

17. Croog Typeface century

18. Font fabricfont-fabric

19. Sat Freesaf2020

20. DAN dan

21. 01.BASEbase

22. Otari


23. Mel boumel-bou

23. Hand Of Seanhand-of-sean

24. Motor Oilmotor-oli

25. All Over Againallover-again

26. Denne Shuffleshuffle

27. ROKE1984 – free fontabd

28. Lintel lintel

29. Sober Buzzedsobber-buzzed

30. Patrick Handpatrick-hand

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22 thoughts on “30 Top Best Free Fonts From 2010

  1. Awesome list! I love these best of lists it helps me keep up with what was released this year.

    For typography lovers, check out the typography forums. It seems to be the up and coming font site. Even more so than ilovetypography and typophile.

    Thanks again for the list.

  2. i must say I enjoyed this list! It also seemed like Chunk Five got a lot of use this year. Discovery channel used it like crazy.

  3. yeaaah… really good collection… love’em all, especially lobster font… goin to try all of them… thx

  4. The Croog font is linked to the Hive Five font
    Could you fix this. Would like to know where i can get that Croog one

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