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30 Top Best Free Fonts From 2010

The year 2010 was truly a landmark year for the design community, with an incredible number of high-quality fonts being made available free of charge to designers. This is a testament to the generosity and skill of the design community, which continues to provide designers with the tools they need to create innovative and exciting designs.

In order to ensure that designers everywhere can benefit from this incredible resource, I believe it is important to showcase the top 30 of these fonts in a roundup. By taking the time to check out these fonts, designers can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and add new tools to their design arsenal. This will not only help them to create better designs, but it will also encourage them to continue to push themselves creatively and contribute to the vibrant design community.

In addition to the fonts themselves, it is worth noting the impact that these free resources have had on the design industry as a whole. By making high-quality fonts available for free, designers have been able to create more diverse and innovative designs, without having to worry about the financial constraints that can often limit creative expression. This has also helped to level the playing field for designers, allowing talented individuals from all backgrounds to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Overall, the availability of free fonts in 2010 was a game-changer for the design community. By showcasing the top 30 of these fonts in a roundup, we can continue to build on this legacy and inspire designers to push themselves creatively, while also contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the design community as a whole.

1. Val


2. Sketchetik (FREE)sketch-tik

3. Disorder Type (2010)disorder

4. Null


5. Mod Gothicmod--gothic

6. Brandon Fontbrandon-font

7. Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font – Exclusive Free Downloadtribbon

8. Dekar dekha

9. Four Free Type!pefoma-font

10. Four Free Type!bext

11. Kilogramkilo

12. Cold Boldcode-bold

13. Barrister Sansbarraster

14. Lobster lobster

15. Sudam Untitled-1

16. High Five fonthigh-five

17. Croog Typeface century

18. Font fabricfont-fabric

19. Sat Freesaf2020

20. DAN dan

21. 01.BASEbase

22. Otari


23. Mel boumel-bou

23. Hand Of Seanhand-of-sean

24. Motor Oilmotor-oli

25. All Over Againallover-again

26. Denne Shuffleshuffle

27. ROKE1984 – free fontabd

28. Lintel lintel

29. Sober Buzzedsobber-buzzed

30. Patrick Handpatrick-hand

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