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30 Free Fonts Which Are Perfect For Professional Logo Designs


A Great compilation of Creative Nerds favourite Free Fonts Which Are Perfect and suitable  For creating Professional Logo Designs. A great collections of fonts which are perfect for designers who are designing on a small budget.

Creative Nerds Premium

1. Museomuseo

2. Sapir


3. Black Out


4. Soopafresh Fontsoopafresh

5. Fontin Sansfontin-san

6. Finder FontFINDER

7. squaretypeB squaretype

8. Chunk


9. Comfortaa comfotaa

10. Val


11. Capralba


12. Anivers


13. Bartolomeubartolmeu

14. ExtravaganzzaExtravaganzza-

15. Contempory


16. font kravitzkrav

17. zagfont


18. Fonce Sansfonce-sans

19. SansationSansation

20. Just Old Fasstionjust-old-fastion

21. deliciousdelicous

22. Geo Sans


23. Duepuntozeroduepuntozero

24. Cash Fontcash-font

25. Quicksandquicksand

26. Days typefacenew-lovely-typeface

27. file


28. surroundingsurrounding

29. Coldi


30. Droid Fontlast

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114 thoughts on “30 Free Fonts Which Are Perfect For Professional Logo Designs

  1. Thanks for providing this list, it’s very useful. However, I did notice that some of them are for personal use only unless you want to ask for permission (usually involves paying the author a fee). Just a heads up.

  2. Great post on modern fonts…I was looking for logo design for my own website and your this post helped me a lot…I also like Helvetica fonts which are highly used by professional designers across the globe.

  3. this is cool!! it really useful!! 30 Free Fonts Which Are Perfect For Professional Logo Designs

  4. Nice selection, thanks! Anivers is in twice, though, so I guess you can retitle to “29 Free Fonts…” ;)

    Perfect Perfect Perfect

  5. This is an amazing collection of fonts, but some download links are broken.
    The following links aren’t available for download:
    29. Coldi
    30. Droid Font
    16. font kravitz
    2. Sapir

    Anyhow, once again, this is a great collection and thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hay, I was just looking for some good font for logo project and I found your post very interesting and it helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

    Please keep up the good work.

  7. You have selected some of the best logo fonts. Finder is most appealing to me.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

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