20 Must download free Photoshop Plugins

Photoshop is a powerful tool with a broad depth of features for designers, photographers etc. Plugins are a great to extend even more functionality to Photoshop from adding in Pexal so you have access to 30,000+ photographs you can pull into Photoshop in seconds or may be instant access large library of free fonts you choose to use directly in Photoshop.

Plugins are great way to supercharge Photoshop. There’s so many great free plugin to choose from making it difficult to cherry pick the very best ones to use. In the post we have roundup up the very best free Photoshop plugins worth adding to Photoshop. There’s some great plugins included perfect for Photographers, designer and web developers.

I hope you enjoy the post, and we would love to find out your favourite Photoshop plugin.

1. Swatchy

Folders for your swatches in Photoshop.


2. Tych Panel 2

Tych Panel is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that automates diptychs and triptychs creation. It supports an arbitrary number of layouts using a powerful row/column compositing paradigm. Together with a super easy panel interface, Tych Panel is the ultimate diptych, tripych & ntych automation tool.


3. Guide Guide

GuideGuide is an extension that lets you quickly and easily create grids and manipulate guides with a consistent UI in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Adobe XD


4. EasyMockups

Create mobile app mockups in seconds


5. Layers

A collection of 7 scripts that make tedious job easier


6. Fontea

It’s like a new kind of weapon in your hands. Powerful but easy to use. Design differently. You don’t have to leave Photoshop when you need to find your new and beautiful headline font. Don’t guess which font will fit in your design. Try it. It’s simple. You click the font, and it’s applied.


7. Flat icon

Use the Flaticon plugin to quickly find the icons you need for your design, without leaving your work enviroment.flat-icon

Font Awesome icons right inside Adobe Photoshop


Improve your workflow and access the whole Pexels library of thousands of free stock photos within Photoshop.


10. Ink

Handling mockups to developer teams can be tricky. As a designer, sometimes I wrongly assume that everyone knows about how photoshop shapes, effects, and typography works. Sometimes lack of specifications leads to inaccurate front-end outputs. Sometimes the final product just doesn’t look exactly as expected. Ink is a plugin that helps you providing few extra important informations about your mockups by documenting your layers, from typography to effects and shape sizes. Now with arboard support! ink

This Photoshop template (in PSD format) will help. It includes correctly sized Smart Objects for each icon and preview you may need when submitting a product to Adobe Exchange. Included slicing makes for easy one click export through Save for Web.adobe-exchange
Parametric Curves is a free Photoshop script that lets you plot mathematically defined (Javascript) Curves Adjustment layers.


Google Photos Panel is a small panel that loads Google Photos and allows you to browse images that you have uploaded to Google Photos, you can also upload images from your computer using either the Finder (Mac) or the File Explorer (Windows).
A great Photoshop plugin for easily creating long shadows.

15. Composer

Update multiple layer comps in Photoshop with just one click. Less maintaining, more designing.composer

Hundreds of stackable filters, presets, and more! Adding style is part of what defines you as a photographer. Effects 10 includes hundreds of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create your style. Whether you’re looking to add an HDR look, convert to B&W, bring out more detail, reduce noise, or enhance a portrait, don’t use five different plug-ins when ON1 Effects 10.5 is your one-stop solution.


17. CSS3ps

CSS3Ps – free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.


A libary of photoshop mock ups to insert


Size Marks is a helpful Photoshop script for web designers and front-end engineers. Script converts rectangular marquee to labeled measurement mark. Landscape marquee → horizontal mark. Portrait or square marquee → vertical mark.


You know that feeling, when you look at your old works and think “What was I thinking!”. So, I looked at Transform Each script with same thoughts and decided to make an update for it.transform-each


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