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20 Free minimal icon sets

Minimal clean icons are becoming a very popular design trend being incorporated into design projects, sometimes subtle clean icons work really well in web design and ui design. This blog post is a collection some the best free icon sets to use in design projects, which are great minimalistic icons.
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1. 48 free line iconblack-minimial-icon-sets

2. 108 Mono Iconsmono-icons

3. Token 128 iconstoken-icons

4. 99 beans99beans

5. Extra IKONSextra-ikons

6. 42 minimal weather iconsweather-icons

7. 144 minimal icons package180-minimial-icons

8. Media Iconsmedia-icons

9. 350 Free vector web icons350-icons

10. Minimal Outline Iconsminmial-icons

11. 160 tiny iconstiny-icons

12. Open source iconsopen-sans-icons

13. 120+ Free Home Vector Icons120-home-icons

14. Free Retro Icon Setretro-icons

15. Free Retro Icon Setblack-icons

16. 16 Free Web Icons16-web-icons

17. Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designerswireframe-icons

18. 40 Icon Set40-icon-sets

19. MimiGlyphsglyth-icons

20. MimiGlyphsarrow-icons

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