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10 must try free photoshop actions for creating unique photo effects

This is a great collection of must try Photoshop action you must try in your next design project. These actions allow you to create unique photo effects to create really powerful photo effect from a hologram effect to a canvas photo effect. This is fastest way to apply complicated photo effects to your design projects using Photoshop in a matter of seconds. All of the photoshop actions are completely free to download and start applying across your design projects.

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How to load and apply actions into Photoshop

We want to start of by selecting “Window > Actions” or Press “ALT +F9 “which is the shortcut key to open the Photoshop action panel. Then we want to select the hamburger menu icon which opens a popup menu where from their want to select this option “Load actions”. Then find the location where the action file is stored.

The action has now been loaded into Photoshop the next step is applying the action to your Photography. In the action panel we want to take a look at the action loaded into Photoshop. We then want to select the Photoshop action then press the play button and that will apply the effect to the Photo in Photoshop in matter of seconds. The process can be repeated to multiple photos to instantly apply the same effect.

1. Bent photos

2. Hologram

3. Paintery

4. Free Acrylic Painting Photo Effect for Photoshop

5. Dispersion Effect Photoshop Free Action

6. Free Photoshop Action Canvas Painting EffectBent photos

7. Free Comic Poster Photoshop Actions

8. Free Blades Photo Effect for Photoshop

9. Free Powder Explosion Photoshop Action

10. Free Photoshop Add On: Rain Photoshop Action​​​​​​​

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