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10 Fresh High Quality Seamless Photoshop And Illustrator Patterns


To celebrate coming up to a year of our sister site Vector Patterns, we have decided to feature within a article 10 fresh high quality patterns which have been featured within the Vector Patterns at some point this year. A great collection of free patterns to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

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1. Shiny Valentines Heart Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern


A good free shiny scalable valentines Photoshop and illustrator pattern. This is a great looking pattern with vibrant colours, this design would add a great final finishing touch to your designs to your valentines based designs.

2. Hippie Free Photoshop And Illustrator Patternhippe-pattern

A unique cool looking hippie pattern using abstract quirky petal shapes used with hippie designs in the 70s. The pattern is available as a scalable vector pattern or you load the pattern set directly into photoshop. i hope you enjoy the pattern set and as usual your more than welcome to share your thoughts on the pattern set within a comment.

3. Water Colour Seamless Photoshop And Vector Pattern


I love watercolour textures, and something which i’ve never seen before is a watercolour vector pattern.

4. A Vibrant Summer Seamless Vector And Photoshop Patternvirbant-petal-pattern

a vibrant summer seamles patterns for you to use and download in commercial and non commercial design projects.

5. A Super Sexy Abstract Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern


The title of the pattern speaks for its self. This is a really cool pattern.

6. Cloud Seamless Photoshop And Vector Patternclound-pattern

The weather in England at the moment has been miserable and i can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a blue sky, therefore i thought it would put together pattern with blue sky and some nice clouds.

7. Summer Bugs And Petal Seamless Photoshop and Vector Patternsummer-bugs

Its summer time over in Britain therefore I thought it would only be right to put together a summer seamless vector pattern.

8. Abstract Squared Curved Photoshop And Vector Pattern


A cool abstract squared curved pattern which reminds of a mosaic effect. This pattern is available in five different colours and alongside a Photoshop pattern file which can imported directly into Photoshop.

9. Summer Sunflower Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern


Where currently experiencing some great weather now that’s its summer, and theirs nothing like summer with out seeing some sunflowers. This is a great sunflower pattern to used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

10. Crazy Swirly Photoshop And Vector Patterncrazy-swirls

A crazy but simple swirly pattern, which looks simple but a lot of detail within the pattern. I could think of a ton of great ways where this pattern can be used. I hope you enjoy the pattern and your more than welcome to share your thoughts on the set within a comment below.


Has this article left you thirsty for more Vector Patterns ?

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