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Why You Should Use Vector Graphics Within Your Next Design Project


This article is a collection of reasons for why its beneficial to use vector graphics within your designs, and why vector graphics should not be overlooked and to encourage designers to used vectors within their next design project. Thiers a long list of benefits which come with using vector graphics which will be discussed within the article.


Pixelated when making designs larger


When working with rasterized graphics when ever you want to re-sized the design to a larger size, the image will then become distorted making the image become pixelated and doesn’t retain the original quality of the design before it was re-sized. Where as vector graphics can be made smaller or larger, and will always retain its original quality, without looking pixlelated or slightly different from the original.


Vector perfect for web


Vector graphics work well in web, because vector files are of a small file size meaning vector graphics will take less than few minuets to load within websites or web applications. Vector files are also beneficial being a small file sizes. because transferring files of vector designs wont be too time consuming, because they are of a small size. Vector files are based on complexity rather than size or color which rasterisized graphics are based on.


Easy to re-edit vector graphics


Components within vector graphics can easily be individually manipulated. Certain aspects of vector designs can easily be selected in order to be modified, or in order add further detail to vector graphics or to change color schemes within a vector design.

Vector Graphics are easy to createvectors

Vector graphics are based on shapes and are super simple to create vector designs without been knowledgeable on vector based graphics. Its the perfect starting point for designers who are new to graphic design and would who would like to familiarized themselves with designing. Vector based programs such as illustrator and ink-scape are perfect to help beginners learn design and the fundamentals.

Vector Graphics work well in print


Since vector graphics can be re-sized to the size of a small stamp or even as large as a football pitch this means, they work perfectly within print design and are clean and sharp for creating posters or business card designs which are suitable to be printed.

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