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Why every freelance designer should set up a blog

freelance-banner A great design article about why it’s essential for every freelance designer to setup a blog discussing the perks which come with having and running your own design blog.

There’s a few pros and cons to becoming a blogger with the pros outweighing the cons. A design blog can be essential for every freelance designer because it can help a freelancer to generate a passive income on a monthly or weekly basis.

Broaden your name across to a wider audience

A design blog is perfect for freelancers to build up their name or their company brand on another platform. The advantage of a freelancer creating a blog means they can gain more exposure through blogging which means they can attract a wider range of clients to work alongside including even international clients.audience

A good blog can be something to add to your portfolio

When clients approach designers to work on a project 90 percent of clients will ask to see the designers previous work or past design projects, which they have worked on in order to find out if the designer will be suitable to work alongside and if they have the talent and skill to complete the design project to their satisfaction.

If your an upcoming freelance designer your portfolio may be very empty because you still have not yet had the opportunity to work alongside any clients. Creating a blog would be the perfect piece of work to showcase to clients and would be a great addition to your portfolio because it will show off you skills and talent to potential clients.

Generates traffics

A blog can be a great source for sending traffic to your portfolio website allowing you the opportunity for hundreds or maybe thousands of visitors to take a look through your content within your portfolio. Large amounts of traffic from any type of website can quickly and easily be turned into revenue weather it’s through selling advertisement spots or Google adsence.


The screen shot above is monthly page views which Creative Nerds receives notice each month the growth is getting higher and higher.

Can generate extra income

A freelance designer always looked to make a passive income and a blog is a fantastic way to do so. There are several freelancers within the design community who have decided to extend their portfolio by creating a blog section, which has lead to huge amounts of success and generated extra additional income through simply creating and regularly updating their blog section with new content.

Here a collection of freelancers who have design blog sections and how much money they are estimated to turnover a month from just their blog section alone.

· Blog.spoon graphics ($3150)

· Vanderaley design ($3350)

Cheap to setup

I’ve got my own hosting account via so all I need worry about is buying the domain name for the website which is cheap as chips which from a website like it will cost about £7($11 dollars) with duration of the domain name lasting for a two year. Working out as 58p month just to simply buy a name for your blog which is fantastic and worth taking of advantage of.

Final Thoughts

I personally believe setting up a blog is great whether it’s a design blog or a personal blog because it can be a great way to interact within people in the design community, it can be finically rewarding also but don’t just blog because you think this will be a great opportunity for you to make some big bucks do it because it’s something your passionate about and enjoy doing.

Do you think it’s essential for every freelance designer to setup a blog ?

We would love to hear your thoughts about the article in a short comment below that would be great.

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19 thoughts on “Why every freelance designer should set up a blog

  1. I think that you make some very valid points. The best arguement for running a design blog is the frequent updating which brings more traffic. It’s a great way to advertsize.

    However, the one thing that I do think designers should keep in mind is being unique. There are other ways that can generate more traffic than just blogging. I’m exploring a couple of ideas when I launch my new portfolio, one of them is adding free content for users. This also shows skill and will bring a lot of people.

    As the freelance designer community grows, design blogs are going to become very very common and thusly not be as effective. I think every designer should search for something that is unique, along with doing the standards like a blog. :)

    Nonetheless, I do agree and think this is a good article.

  2. Yes I agree with every point. It is very important for a freelancer to run a blog so he/she can make a connection with their audience and build up a better business. I currently run a blog and it helps me out tremendously. Great article.

  3. I think all designers (heck, every occupation) should set up a blog.

    The main reason in my opinion is the rise of the social media market, and blogs are the perfect tool to drive referred traffic.

    Furthermore, it’s a fun and great tool for learning, not to mention helps with SEO and demonstrate how much you know in the industry.

  4. Very nice article and very true… I have my own blog and it’s been wonderful just to be able to share what I’ve learnt and interact with other designers, not to mentions it’s a lot of fun writing!

  5. In re-establishing myself as a designer, the question of whether or not to set up an accompanying blog didn’t even arise. For me, it is a necessary (and wholly complementary) aspect of my online persona, in the same way many regard a presence on Twitter.

    So it’s great to see an article encompassing all the reasons why freelancers should set up a blog – I will indeed be passing on this link to several of my designer friends who are yet resisting the urge!

  6. I recently setup a personal blog because I found it to be a great outlet for my personal perspectives on running a company. I also think this sharing designs, concepts and ideas is great way to get others motivated.

  7. A designer’s, or anyone’s blog, had better have content relevant to their proper audience. Some design blogs’ content appears to be directed strictly toward peers; others toward potential paying clients. I would think that makes a big difference regarding most blogs’ value.

    Also, while the cost of entry is cheap, writing relevant content is not an effortless affair. Good writing takes time, and some designers are more successful than others at maintaining a steady pace. But it will take time every week (or at whatever frequency you choose); if you’re busy running your business and producing work, that’s something to take into account.

    All that said, if you can do it you should do it!

  8. I, like Andrew Maxwell, have recently set up a blog. Yesterday in fact. I can already see the potential of what the blog can achieve both on a personal and professional level. Being a freelance designer myself, publishing blogs will enable me to communicate with an audience in a way that my visual portfolio can’t.

    Would really appreciate any comments you have as I continue to develop it.

    Thanks for the post.

  9. It’s become so important over the last year in my opinion. Clients more-or-less expect you to have a blog now, plus Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… etc

    I use mine as part of my portfolio. Finding the time to post quality content is the key though… I’m very slack, haha.

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