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Why As a freelancer you should use twitter

why-should-tweet This is a great insight to why as a designer you should choose to use one of the most powerful social media tools around for designers twitter.

Every one shares their personal findings from around the web

Twitter is an essential tool which should be used by every designer and even web designers or web developers. I believe twitter is a good tool for designers because everyone shares resources, tutorials and articles related to your niche dependent upon the people you choose to follow on twitter, which keeps you update to date with the latest news related to your niche which may be design or even web design making you alert of current online activates in the design community or in within specific niche.

Using Twitter for marketing

One aspect of twitter which I admire and really enjoy is that twitter can be used as a tool to help market your brand, portfolio or blog. Yes twitter can be used a tool for marketing but don’t be self centred and think I’m only going to use twitter to promote my blog or portfolio because your twitter should’nt just be about marketing yourself or brand its more than that it’s about networking and building

Personal Branding

Twitter can be used to build an online presence all what you need to do is tweet good interesting tweets which you feel other people may be interested within reading, then over a period of time you will notice an increase within people who would like to follow you. Building good online presentence can seem pointless but can lead to other great opportunities.


Networking And building friendships

Jacob Cass(Just Creative Design) a designer who built up a good online presence through using twitter, which leaded to him being approached by Carrot Creative an new-media marketing agency and was flown out from Australia where he was currently living in order to start a new job working for Carrot Creative in NYC Brookline. I’m not saying that everyone who uses twitter efficiently will magically be swooped up by large design agency, but what i am saying is that twitter can lead to a window of great opportunitys through just tweeting and networking with designers and web developers which is worth taking advantage of. jacob

Tracking Daily day to day activates

Twitters main enthusiast is tell people what your currently doing, therefore during your day if you just spend a few moments to say what your currently doing you then can look back on your twitter streamline in order to track your what your day to day activates where and if you manage to complete a specific task which you said you was currently doing on twitter.


Final Thoughts

If you are a freelancer in any niche not just design its essential to have twitter account because their just so many benefits of using twitter. Twitter will help you to grow as a freelancer keep you in the loop and network with other freelancers.

Lets continue the discussion in the comments

Do you agree with what i wrote? What other advantages come with having a twitter account? or maybe even what are the disadvantages of twitter ? Feel free to leave your opinion in a comment below it will be more than appreciated.  If you come up with anything interesting i will add it to the post with a link back to your site,blog, portfolio or twitter.

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13 thoughts on “Why As a freelancer you should use twitter

  1. BUT… think twice before hitting send because re-tweeting those “Clients From Hell” blurbs may seem funny until your own client tweets you back about it. :::awkward moment ensues:::

  2. I’ve found so much inspiration and resources from other freelancer Tweeters. I’ve been a freelancer for over 10 years, but there’s always still stuff to learn :)

  3. I found, even today many out there is ignoring Twitter and they are not trying to take-in the possibilities that they offer. It is the best method to get in to Social Media & Networking.

  4. I’ve learned tons by reading, discussing and sharing on Twitter. I’ve made friends and great business contacts.
    As cheesy as it may sound, I can’t believe how much things have changed for me since I started using twitter. But it’s true… Today I encourage clients to start using it.
    As a freelancer, it is a must have tool.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I myself like how with Twitter you can link and network with fellow designers and share great tips. Also you are able to meet future clients. Even more so you are able to build your brand. I think all freelancers should have a Twitter account.

  6. Great article. I totally agree.

    A great way for freelancers to feel less isolated. I now use Twitter over RSS feeds to keep updated. Often the best way to get breaking news.

  7. Nice article. Really interesting point you made – “your twitter should’nt just be about marketing yourself or brand its more than that it’s about networking and building friendships.”

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