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What To Look Forward To In The New Photoshop CS5


The last couple of days and also the past week there has been a lot discussion and speculation around the launch of the new adobe creative suite CS5 especially Photoshop as I’m sure this is what most designers are most looking forward to the most from the CS5 suite.

Adobe are slowly drip feeding us new features and enhancements of the new Photoshop CS5, and I’m more than certain that they will keeping doing so until 13th of April 2010 when it’s finally available to the public. This article we will discuss new features of adobe Photoshop CS5 and enhanced new features in Photoshop CS5

New Logo Design

current-photoshop-logo new-logo-cs5

Blue logo (OLD LOGO) – The current CS4 logo looks slick and sophisticated which uses the ever so popular letter pressed text effect.

Red logo(NEW LOGO) – The current logo is a lot better than the new logo i suppose it just needs to grow on me because I’m so use to seeing the CS4 logo, but still I’m not a big fan and prefer the CS4 logo.

What a Photoshop users would like to see in the new Photoshop CS5

This is a Photoshop user Gareth Hallnzm and what he would like to see in the new Photoshop CS5 when its launched in Spring 2010 April the 13th.

The New features and Enhancements

The New Selection Sneak Peak


This is a very interesting feature which I’m really looking forward to seeing more from which is the Photoshop selection technique, which is an enhancement of the current selection technique. The new enhanced of the selection feature will offer an new and improved edge detection masking results in less time, which means the selection feature will be a lot more responsive and easier to cut out images which contain a lot of thin sharp edges which are usually hard to extract such as hair within photos.

Below is just short video by Bryan O’Neil Hughes who is the product manger over at Adobe who gives you sneak peak of the selection technique in action.

New Image Editing Tools

This is new feature which Photoshop are introducing in new the Photoshop which i am a bit sceptical about but never the less it does look very promising. The new feature has been developed an interactive image editing tools for Adobe Photoshop CS5 using a new randomized algorithm for quickly finding approximate nearest neighbour matches between image patches.

Below is a video screencast going through the new feature and what it is capable of doing which is worth watch is worth watching if you would learn more about the new image editing tool.

An New Brush Tool

This was the first new feature which Adobe announced will be within the new Photoshop CS5. The new brush tool will enhance the way brushes are used and will be a feature which I am more certain that painting within Photoshop will be made twice as easier. The new brush tool is very similar to the current tool in Corel Painter which is a very good tool. The 3D properties reacts to the changes based on pressured applied and even rotation which is shown below in the Screen cast which I recommend watching because this tool looks like a very exciting new feature in Photoshop CS5.

New Photoshop painting tool

This tool has been developed by adobe in order to make it easier in order for Photoshop users to convert an images into a digital painting using realistic natural brushes. The two videos show you how this new feature works and how easier it is to create digital paintings.

Spot Healing, Fill Tool & Patch Match

The following tools have now all been enhanced the spot healing tool has improvements made which enhance of the overall tool, the new patch tool and fill tool has also been enhanced. The screencast below showcases the new features in action.

Content-Aware Fill

This feature is technology for synthesizing textures. The video shows off great results which Photoshop is capable of doing filling in missing areas around a panorama.

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments

Will you be purchasing the new Photoshop CS5? Or are you going to be holding out for CS6?. What would you like to see in the new Photoshop CS5? So many questions we would love to find out the answers a short comment below would be more than appreciated.

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17 thoughts on “What To Look Forward To In The New Photoshop CS5

  1. 12 years working with ps… they still surprise me… everything new appear to be very good stuffs..congratulations to Adobe^^

  2. Where did you get reference that that is the new logo? I’m sure it’s only this blogs logo: That icon has no reference to Photoshop? Why would the others remain the same and they change photoshop to this? Would love to see where you found the info.

    Great post by the way; great summary of things to come.

  3. Great article, love the new updates coming. I can’t wait to get my hands on CS5. Will you be doing a review on the new creative suite once it’s out?

  4. Have to agree with “Ulysses – first comment” I have been using photoshop since 5.5 and they always amaze with their new releases. Well done PS! CS5 looking forward to meet you.

  5. Although I can’t wait to get my hands on CS5, is anybody else stumped as to why it (DesignPremium)will cost nearly a thousand dollars MORE to buy in the UK than in the US? I’m sure its worth the UK price but can’t help felling a little extorted.

  6. People are amazed by these new features?! The content aware fill is great, but I have been waiting for them to add features that I, as a designer, will actually use in the real world of design. 3d tool and all of that flashy stuff is just bloat. I have been requesting, for literally years now:

    1. Better support for spot colors. PS should auto detect when text and a shape layer is using a spot color and add it to the spot channel. Right now, we have to do this manually and destructively.

    2. Better text. The text tool sucks compared to InDesign and Illustrator. Adobe touts how all their programs have the same interface and behave the same. Well, they don’t. I want text styles, paragraph styles, wrapping, everything that vector programs have. How long do I have to wait for this? PS has supposed vector text for years now, what’s the holdup?

    3. Styles that actually work. Yeah, I can save a layer style for reuse, but I can’t change that style and have it automatically update other layers that use that style. I have to do that manually. Fireworks does this great, but it is so slow on a Mac it’s almost unusable after adding 5 pages to it.

    These are just 3 major things that I’ve requested once a year for the last 8-10 years. 2 and 3 are things I would use literally every day at work and it would let me concentrate more on design than production work.

  7. Jay, you have the truth. Suck my … content aware fill and all opther crap, smooth scrolling whatever, i will use it maybe one times at a month.

  8. If i could find a simple website to tell me exactly what Photoshop has…i would be happy…no idea what is in the package…and most of what i read…doesnt fill in the details…

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