What makes a good design blog ?


A great article on aspects what should be added to a blog in order to generate profit, to increase traffic and to make an overall better blog, weather it’s a design blog or a non design blog which are fundamental aspects.

RSS And Email Subscription

It’s essential to have an RSS and email icons or buttons which can indicate to visitors to the site that they can subscribe to updates from the blog. Icons need to be clear easy to see and attract the user’s attention at a quick glance. RSS icons on most blogs appear on the top right of the blog which is the ideal location to put an RSS icon because that’s most likely where people will first look when attempting to subscribe to a design blog whether its via RSS or E-mail.

Allowing readers to subscribe to your RSS feed or join your mailing list, is a great way to keep visitors returning back to your blog when ever new content is published on your blog which is a must have on any type of blog.


Allowing discussion with a comments section

Allowing your readers to voice their opinions and feedback on your blog is important because it allows them to engage with the editor and share their thoughts upon a blog post which you have produced.

Comments are also a great way to determine the success of a blog post a lot comments on a specific article indicates that the readers enjoyed the

A good footer design

The footer is the last aspect of a blog before a user decides to leave the site therefore you should linked to any key posts or pages , which you may feel readers may be interested within reading in order to keep them on your blog.

These are aspects of what usually a good footer contains.

  • · Popular blog posts
  • · Recent blogs posts
  • · RSS and Mailing list icons to convince people to subscribe to your blog.
  • · Archive links
  • · Twitter Updates
  • · Tag clouds
  • · Contact details
  • · Advertisement
  • footer-design

Related posts at the bottom of articles

Related post are great because once you have read a great article on a blog you can instantly find another great article similar to the current article you just read.

Implementing an related article section allows readers to read more content on your blog instead of closing page and going to another website, as well as being a great method in order to increase a site page views.


Social media icons below posts

Adding social media icons below blog posts makes it easier for readers to share your article on their favourite social media websites, which will help expose you article which you created and to help drive traffic back to your blog.

Using widgets, which is great method because the user doesn’t need to leave the page in order to share the article.widget-icons

Good header design

A well known saying among the blogging community is that content is king but no matter how great and the content is an ugly header or site design makes me want to close the page. A Unique custom header design that makes your blog stand out from crowd and makes it an memorable blog.

These are aspects which you should think about including within a header design.

  • · Rss subscription icon and Rss subscriber amount
  • · Logo
  • · Search box
  • · Advertisement
  • · Twitter subscriber amount
  • webdesign-depot

Categorising articles

Categorising articles into good categories in order to make it easy in order for users to find and pick out articles of interest to read with all articles based around the same topic.


Implementing advertising into your blog is a great way to generate some revenue from blogging. Advertisements are great but too much advertisement within your blog design can become a bit of an kill.

These are advantages of implementing advertisements within your blog design

  • · Money generated from blogging can be used to pay for guests authors.
  • · An opportunity for people to showcase products or service which they offer on your blog.
  • · The money can pay for faster hosting in order to make navigating through your site faster.
  • · Can help turn blogging from an hobby to your full time income.
  • sponsered-ads

Search bar

A search bar which allows users to search for a specific article which they may be interested within reading, instead of having to go through the archives. The search bar should be also in a visible clear location which is easy to see and readers to use.

Search bars are important because they’re a great method in order to get users reading old content as well as new content.


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  • Sneh Roy

    For once, I have all the points covered .. that appear in a list :) Thanks for sharing this article!

  • Marcell Purham

    Great points! I think everyone blog should have a unique look and feel so this post is great for people who are just beginning.

  • TimothyBlake

    @ Sney – Thanks glad you enjoyed.

    @Marcell Purham – Ye its just fundementals which every blog should have really more for beginners but i’m sure theirs some more experienced bloggers out their who have’nt included theses apects into thier blog. Thanks for the comment.

  • Adlan Khalidi

    Thanks for sharing. My blog still lack some of these features..

  • Brian McDaniel

    Great post and I agree with most points, but shouldn’t the top of the list be “Quality Content”? Unfortunately there are far too many design blogs that have a great look and style but lack in the content department. Just a thought…

  • TimothyBlake

    @Brian – I compleatly aggree with you good content is key to creating a good blog. Thanks for the comment.

  • Matt

    I’m not sure that these are what makes a great design blog or if these are just things that great design blogs have. Nice list nonetheless.

  • Matt Ward

    I have to agree with Brian – that good content is what makes a good blog (and great content is what makes a great blog). I also agree with Matt, in that I am not sure that these are the things that make a good blog. I think they are all important, but they strike me as more of a means of optimizing a blog through design rather than being the actual framework on which greatness hangs.

    Still makes for a good checklist though.

  • Jae Xavier

    The “Parthenon” strategy

    Uncluttered Design
    Quality Content
    +Common Sense UI
    = Strong Blog Platform

    Like having multiple columns to support the Parthenon’s massive roof, a blog has to have more than just good design support its projected longevity.

  • Kevin

    Clutter is a good way to make a bad design blog… Doing all of these things is just going to make it look like every other website too. Should find a cool look or something and stick with that.

  • Preston D Lee

    Some nice points here. I think we have to be careful with the whole header design issue.

    A lot of blogs have tried to emulate WebDesignerDepot (don’t get me wrong, I think Walter’s header is really cool) and lose originality.

    A good header design doesn’t have to be huge or flashy. In fact, I purposefully made mine really small so the content is more visible. People scoffed at the idea when I first did it, but I’ve noticed it more and more throughout the web.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Nice summary here.

  • rezyde

    Well now, I have to go back and make some slight changes to my blog. Thanks for the post.

  • Wype

    RSS, ok, but email ? It’s so 2000 to my mind. Especially with all the webwares which can to convert rss to email, your users keep being able to receive posts by this way.

  • Travis Ulrich

    Good list. One thing I really like is when bloggers post a short “about the author” section at the very end. It helps me remember certain bloggers and when I continually come across the same one, I know I need to subscribe to that blog.

  • abhishekbhalani

    good . thanks for post

  • Casino Lemonade

    Good article. I think my blog have almost all the requirement :)

  • aditia

    hmmm good advice, maybe i will outsource the design part of my blog

  • Robin Denker

    Thanks for sharing this concise info. As a seasoned writer in print all of this website lingo is new to me. I plan on using your tips to help me set up my new BLOG. Great article.

  • Paul Galbraith

    A nice roundup of what people should consider including when creating a design blog. Personally, I find the comments section one of the biggest reasons to regularly visit a blog – you can’t beat a good ongoing discussion, it’s a great way to keep up to date with current thinking.
    On the subject of blogs, do you think there are too many of them or not enough. Would love to hear your thoughts on my first ever blog post.. Are there too many Design Blogs?

  • TimothyBlake

    @Paul Galbraith – Just read your article awsome read, you should think about writng for Creative Nerds Some time.

  • Matthew Heidenreich

    Some great examples here. The one thing I never really got into was making really off the wall footers. Are footers something people tend to hang around? I’d like to see something a little more in depth on the percentage of people that actually utilize all the extra items stuffed in the bottom of sites such as designinformer. It’s probably just me though ;-)

  • Jamie McGrath

    Nice list, for me interesting original content, discussion and interaction with social media are the best three areas. Designing it is somehing we liek to do to make it look pretty!

  • abeedo21

    As to me i think what makes good design blog is:

    good design ( not cluttered)
    follow on twitter
    large article images
    easy navigation
    fewer advertising
    cool giveaways ( free vector ,designs , icons….Etc)
    unique Content of course is basic

  • rauff rishasakti

    Great blog = good posts + good design

  • oxidizzy

    Well … these tips make me want to upgrade my design blog soon. .. very soon …

  • Chris Smith

    Great article, covers some great points for blogs. I agree blogs need to be easy to navigate but mostly interesting so people subscribe and come back to read more!!

  • Debi Davis

    I searched hard for a checklist of elements against which I could evaluate a website. My clients are interested in using social media to heighten their digital visibility, and one of the first things I tell them is that their website should at least be presentable, if not superb — seen as how social media will likely increase traffic to their site.

    Having a checklist like the one you provide here will help them know what is expected from a really good site.


  • Yours Truly

    Thanks for those tips, will try to implement those on my site, though it’s not always that easy (especially if you’re not a CSS expert…) :)

  • Brett Widmann

    Great set of information and resources. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lee Shoes

    Good points, I apparently missed adding more stuffs in my footer.. Thanks for this great post.

  • Elliott the web design guy

    Great post, all the basics covered to make a good blog that works!

  • Pankaj Saraf

    Hey this is really very good post. I liked it

  • Ismail

    These are basic requirements for being a good Blog. Do you tell me is it good or bad to attach Alexa ranking in blog. Thanks for your sharing

  • Sila Mahmud

    Great blog, not later than bloke that wrote so often. The biggest factor
    that writes to-date poop :)