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The Best Freelancing Tip I Could Offer #1 (Never Stop Learning)


This is the start of a new articles series which i will be continuing on Creative Nerds. An article series which focuses on sharing great tips, which should be implemented by beginners or even experienced freelancers to help be more productive and become a better freelancer.

Never Stop Learning 


The first freelance tip words of wisdom i have to offer is, why as a designer or freelancer its important to never stop learning. It may be seen as a quite outrageous statement to make but honestly its the complete truth. Dependant upon your niche especially the design and web design industry it can move so fast at times, what’s hot today maybe frowned upon by designers and web developers within a few weeks time.

In order for your skills and knowledge to stay relevant its essential to never stop learning, the best way to do so is by reading the latest books related your niche. Use an RSS reader and subscribe to blogs. Blogs are constantly up to date with latest trends and most Bloggers have a tendency to share their  personal thoughts on particular trends.

What I find the best method for myself  for learning is to follow tutorials, even the most simple tutorial theirs always something which can be learnt.

Knowledge is power and and a new skill can always be learnt to add to your design or freelance arson. I hope you have enjoyed this short but useful design freelance tip. I would love to hear your thoughts upon the article in the comments section below and your freelance words of wisdom.

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