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Photoshop 2017 CC Revealed with new features

Photoshop’s steady stem of new updates rather than a complete Re-hall of Photoshop continues with the new Photoshop 2017 edition, which is packed with a few more nifty new features sure to make your mouth water. In the blog post we have listed a few of those new features, as well as videos elaborating on how that specific feature works.
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What’s new?

Better collaboration

There’s a big shift so that now Photoshop collaborates better with other applications within the creative cloud suite such as Adobe stock and Adobe XD.

In-app Search

A powerful search is now available, which allows you to browse tools, panels, menus, adobe stock assets and even tutorials.

Enhanced properties panel

The new properties panel contains mores information around layers and even the document itself. This allows you to make more adjustment’s to layers or documents a whole lot easier.


It comes loaded now with nearly 100 new templates for various types of different Photoshop projects.

Supports SVG fonts

SVG fonts can now be loaded into Photoshop, which is hands down the best format for responsive design projects they have also kindly included two free fonts to play with “EmojiOne” and “Trajan Color pro”

Video of hidden gems in Photoshop 2017 CC

There’s tons of great features. Check out the below embed video of some of the new hidden functionality available in the latest version.

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