Logo Design Mistakes Which You Should Never Make


8 logo design mistakes which as a professional logo designer you should not be making as well, as a useful check list for aspects of which a good logo design should consist of.

1. Typography

When designing a logo typography plays an important role these are a few aspects of typography to consider when choosing typography for a logo.

  • Using calligraphy fonts which are hard to read makes it difficult for people to be capable of reading the logo.
  • Only use two different fonts maximum, too many fonts within a logo can become a design overkill.
  • Don’t use ultra thin fonts they are perfect for web logos but not so well when it comes to printing the logo design.

logodesign-mistakes_0000_Shape 3

2. Using clipart

Using clip art is the short cut which lazy designers take to producing a logo design. Clipart graphics been used within a logo design project usually makes the end result of the logo design look cheap and look as if the logo was created by a child for a school project.

logodesign-mistakes_0001_Shape 2

3. Not Creating the logo in greyscale

The logo should look just as good as it does in black and white as it does in colour, always design a logo so it looks good and works well in grey scale as well as colour.logodesign-mistakes_0005_Shape 1

4. Creating Rasterized logo designs

Rasterized logo designs work well for web but don’t work as well for print for example it’s impossible to scale up a logo to the same size as a football pitch without the logo looking distorted or pixelated, therefore the logo design should always be created so therefore that it is a scalable vector so it can be made bigger without damaging pixels or the overall quality of the logo.

5. Plagiarism

Never copy another brands logo, for example when Pepsi copied coca cola’s logo in the early days when Pepsi was first established. Copying someone else brands logo people will never remember your logo but only rember the original logo which you copied.

logodesign-mistakes_0004_Vector Smart Object

6. Don’t design a logo which fits in with the crowd

You don’t need to create a good logo design by following logo design trends. A good logo design is different and unique, this makes a logo design memorable as well as stand out from millions of other logos from all around the world.

logodesign-mistakes_0003_Layer 1

7. Not choosing a good colour combination

Choose a good colour combination colours which are neutral and which will worked well with any colour background. A bad choice of colours can be a strain on people’s eyes as well being very difficult to read the logo and not making it very memorable.

logodesign-mistakes_0002_Layer 2

8. Too complicated

The key to a good logo design is simplicity, when new logo designers starts out designing logos they always make the their logos complex by doing the following, adding to much detail i.e. shadows, glossy effects, bevel emboss, gradients, too much text long tag lines, etc. Simplicity is key to a good logo design.



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  • Priyesh

    Great Article! Some very useful tips when it comes to logo design. A good logo design will provide many benefits to a business and having it scalable is very important too.

  • Luis

    Good tips, thanks. But you should seriously revise the text, because there are many errors in grammar and spelling.

  • Paola Lozano

    Nice, thanks, I’ll recommend this post on my blog.

  • Andrew Keir

    “Only use two different fonts maximum, too many fonts within a logo can become a design overkill.”

    There is a dentise near me with 5 in there “logo”. *sigh*

  • Jaka Zulham

    nice tips..

  • Mandeep Khunkhuna

    All these areas that you have suggested to take into consideration when creating a logo are very important. I think many people do try and create a logo that looks like another company. A good logo needs to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

  • Roberto Blake

    Great post, great tips! I would also add that whenever possible you should put together a brief style guide for the logo defining the CMYK or Pantone colors you used, the type faces, and any other important details regarding sizing, spacing or proportions.

  • imrozz – web design

    Great artice! I think logos are one of the hardest things a designer can create. To capture the essence of a company requires real skill and is by no means a quick job.

  • mauritius holidays

    very informative tips about logo design.

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  • Simon Fletcher

    Nice tutorial, the point about never using gray-scale is so important.

  • Mayro

    Great and usefull!

  • Donovan Crow

    I am a web developer and one of my weakness is graphic design
    this article did help me gather insights about do’s and donts.
    I will surely refer this to my graphic team.
    Great article
    many thanks

  • Donovan Crow

    Just a quick word to say thanks and this post was very helpful for me.

  • Amit

    I was planning for a logo to my business. Not knowing these best tips can help me to get the powerful logo. keep writing useful tips.

  • Mamata

    I really appreciate your tips for logo designs. Gained great knowledge about logos. In future I think twice and once again read your article for my company logo project.

  • Neha

    Too creative:-)

  • Husac

    Don’t do it yourself!

    If you’re not a designer you should let a professional take care of your logo, you will be thankful later!

  • andreea ioana

    You can use logo making software like and also to request assistance, in this way you can avoid many mistakes