Essential Tips For Making A Passive Income As A Designer

As a freelance designer relying on one source of income can be a very risky decision these are some tips on how each month you can make a passive income from a career within freelance designing.

Entering Design Contests

Entering design contests such as 99 designs Is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash because the clients are already found for you all you need to do is create a design to follow their needs and requirements. The disadvantage of entering design competitions is that there’s a lot other good designers out their, which you may have to compete with in order for your design to be picked as the winner.

Guest Blog Posting

If you’re a designer with a lot of knowledge or like to share design tips why not write a tutorial for a design blog. Guest posting on blogs will drive traffic back to your personal portfolio site and also potential clients have a chance of finding you through the guest post. The main overwhelming feature about guest posting is that you can be paid up to $150 for writing a tutorial or an article for a blog.

Selling An Ebook

An ebook is a digital alternative to a printed book. You could create an ebook about design or web design etc which you could then go on to selling, which could generate A decent profit from something which costs near enough nothing to create and setup.

Designing WordPress Themes

You can design themes for Theme Forest which is a market place which sales websites templates and wordpress themes. The advantage of creating wordpress themes or designing themes for Theme Forest is that you take percent out of each sale of that specific wordpress theme which you designed.

Google Adsense On Your portfolio

Google adsense is pay per a click advertising which means each person that clicks on a Google adsence link you get payed for it. You won’t make a huge amounts of money from using Google adsence but its a quick and easy way to make a more passive

Selling Premium Textures

Selling premium textures through is easy simple and like most marketplaces you keep a percent of profit from each texture which is sold. All you need to create textures is a decent camera heres an article by on how to create textures.

Creating A Design Blog

Creating a design blog can be very time consuming but can pay of off in long run, if you produce good quality content and post regularly on your blog. Buy and sell ads is an online advertising site which will look for advertisers on your behalf who will advertise their company or product on your blog. The advantage of using buy and sell ads is that they do all the hard looking for you and only take a small percent depending on upon if an advertiser chooses to buy an advert or not.

There are several design bloggers in the design community who have gone extra mile with their portfolio by creating blog to attract more clients and broaden the appearance within the design community.

Selling Design Graphics

Selling design graphics weather its rasterised or vector graphics there’s graphic market places which cater for designers who want sell design graphics. Selling design graphics via marketplaces is great simply because all what’s required is for you to upload the files and watch them sell like hot cakes without doing any real marketing.

Why not share some of your tips for making a passive income in the Comments ?


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  • bangladesh freelance

    You provided such a creative and realistic stuff!

    Hope to be worked!

    Pretty posting!


  • Menandro

    Unique tips here. The great this about passive income online is that any business can turn into passive income generator. You only need a dash of creativity

  • designfollow

    great collection

    thank you

  • Rocky

    Nice article…

    i heard that if u have a huge follower on twitter you can earn some extra income by twitter.

    so i think u should also mention twitter, it is growing market place…

    thank you :)

  • Design Informer

    Good advice!

  • Andolaurina

    Great suggestions! Thanks!

  • NewBloggerTemplates

    very good information and I loved it… thank’s

  • Bronwyn

    Good article with some great information, thanks!

  • DinD

    There is a typo in the first paragraph:

    out their

    this should be: out there

    1 Thing I would not do: Google Adsense On Your portfolio. This will lead potential customers away from your site. You would like them to contact you!

  • bbcversus

    Thanks for this post, is great and now I know what to do to get some more cash!

  • Lee

    It is easy to turn your WordPress site into a passive income generator using PHPurchase – a new WordPress Ecommerce plugin.

  • Tomas

    Great tips, but for the best result I think you must select one or two ways. Thanks for article.

  • DesignGuru

    No I don’t agree in entering design contest especially in 99 designs. It will bring down the values of true designs.

    Pls remove that.

  • Browse Easy – John Samuel

    Though I am not a designer, the post was quite useful. It can be used by the bloggers

  • Ricky Salsberry

    The first tip is to allow yourselves to be taken advantage of, giving work away for free, on the off chance you get a fee which is far less than you would have charged if you contracted the work in the first place?


    Telling designers to do speculative work is shameful. I didn’t read the rest of the tips because your credibility is blown from the first.

    You should reconsider having that as a tip. Pushing designers to enter design contests is just terrible for themselves, the clients they serve, and the industry as a whole.

    I hope you’ll remove that awful tip.

  • Ashley Handlin

    if i stumbled onto someones portfolio and it had advertisements on it i would never ever hire them. talk about lacking professionalism.

  • fred design

    Great article thanks. Quite outside the box thinking. A lot of these I would not have considered but all seem really good pro-active and realistic routes.

  • oxidizzy

    well, thanks for sharing how to add extra cash for designer.

  • Jeremy

    I would have shared this post but didn’t because of #1. Spec work is terrible advice and it should be removed. Leave the contests to children

  • Jon Huther

    Great info here but I’m not sure about “Google Adsense On Your portfolio”, seems this would turn clients away, no?

  • Bitten By Design

    Spec work and running ads on your portfolio is just wrong. You can’t really earn much if anything on spec. Showing ads on your portfolio as mentioned in the other comments is just unprofessional. Writing guest posts can earn you money, but that is an ACTIVE income rather than a passive one.

    Developing on the template/theme idea through themeforest or one of its associated websites is a good way to gain some passive income, as is developing designs for products for sale through zazzle, cafepress or any other print on demand supplier. Websites like zazzle are much better in regards to being a PASSIVE income for designers.