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Essential Tips For Creating A Business Card Which Is Next To Perfection


A collection of tips which can be implemented when in the design process of putting together a business card design. The tips are not ascending or descending in any particular order just a collection of great tips which can be used within the design process business card design.


Not too much informationcomrprenhensive-words

In business card printing, a design should not be treated as a website and should not contain too much information. A typical business card design should only contain a few words which say who you are as well as the service which you’re offering i.e. which may be freelance writing, designing, etc. A typical business card should contain methods for how people can get in touch with you as well links to websites where that person can learn more information about you, this saves space on the business card and ensures it doesn’t isn’t overloaded with too much information.

Create a unique business card design


Creating a unique business card design IS something which will make an impact on clients viewing the business card design for the first time making them impressed and intrigued because of the unique style design of the card. A unique business card design is also memorable ensuring that client will always remember you or the service you because of the unique creative design of your business card.

If you looking for some inspiration on creative unique business cards, you’re more than welcome to check out this great post we compiled a while back.

Good choose of typography


Typography plays an important role within a business card because designing a business card and using bad typography can make it difficult in order for people to read business card. People tend to use non self serif fonts making it difficult to read the business card because the typography tends be close together and hard to read, but are used because it gives a more classy professional look but it’s not worth missing out on landing potential clients simply for the fact they could not understand your typography.

Don’t use comprehensive words

When creating a business cards people tend to use comprehensive vocabulary in order to be portrayed as an professional in the hope to impress potential clients, but not all clients you work alongside will come from a well educated background. Use words within your business cards that not only people from well educated backgrounds will be capable of understanding as this will lose fewer potential customers.

Create a design which represents your company or service


It’s important for creating a unique design but it’s important that you create a business card design which represents your company or the service which you are offering this will instantly indicate to people what your business is about or the service which you are offering without the need to read the business card or without the need to do research.

Ensure the business card design contains essential necessary information

What is meant by essential necessary information to include within the business card design is a essential information about your company.

· Where the company is located

· Contact number (office number, mobile number etc)

· Email address

· Company name

· Your name

· What the company is about

· What you specailsein

· Twitter

· Facebook

· Linkedin

· Fax number

· address

It’s a good idea to include a few of following bullets appoints above but to include all the bullet points would be too much so select important information which is a essential and you feel should be featured on the business card. I’m sure there’s a few more which should be included but this is what i could think of off the top of my head.

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5 thoughts on “Essential Tips For Creating A Business Card Which Is Next To Perfection

  1. I appreciate your tips but you really should have had someone proof read your post. Attention to detail is essential and if you’re trying to build credibility as a designer then spelling and grammar is so important. With all due respect, after reading your article I would not trust you to design my cards.

  2. yeah you are right. Business card should be simple and contains all information. Thanks for the wonderful and useful tips.

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