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Creative Nerds Happy 1 Year Birthday

birthday Let’s pop some champagne and party poppers as we celebrate Creative Nerds 1st one year birthday. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learnt so much over the past year from running Creative Nerds.

Happy Birthday Creative Nerds

To celebrate 1 year of Creative Nerds we decided to mark the occasion by giving something back to our readers who are also responsible for growth of Creative Nerds, who have contributed something to our blog in one way or another weather it’s been a guest posting or maybe even just something as simple as spending a few minutes to write a comment on one of our blog post. This week on Creative Nerds we will be giving away a design related freebie for the next 4 days with the opportunity for anyone to have the chance of winning , even if it’s your first time coming across Creative Nerds you can still enter our daily competitions which we will be running starting from tomorrow.

Here’s a few of the goodies which we have lined up for this week to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity of entering a specific competition.

Grafpedia VIP membership Access to Over 70000 Design Items Giveaway


Blog.SpoonGraphics Access All Areas Membership Giveaway


10 Free $50 Gift Vouchers From Stock Graphic Designs


Press 75 Premium WordPress Theme Giverway


Thank you

A special thanks to our sponsors who have sponsored and helped support our blog through our first year as a design blog, our sponsors are some people who play a key role in the growth of Creative Nerds as well as our readers.

Interesting facts about Creative Nerds you never knew

Collections of some interesting facts from Creative Nerds which will either make you fall asleep or make you say wow. This is an idea from which Walter Api (Webdesigner Depot) did when his blog turned a year old and I decided I would do something similar, so here goes.

  • Where launching an new design related blog in summer 2010, which will be awesome.
  • Creative Nerds editor is 18
  • The most popular article ever published on Creative Nerds is “30 Commercial Photoshop Disasters
  • Most traffic received in one day 58,000 unique visits.
  • Our top source for sending traffic to Creative Nerds is stumble upon.
  • Even though where a Uk based design blog , only including our English and American readers 1 in 5 are readers are English.
  • Creative Nerds has been viewed in 210 countries.
  • Creativenerds has over a 11000 twitter followers
  • According to websiteoutlook Creative Nerds is worth £59391.27/$91848.6.
  • Creative Nerds Has gone through 4 redesigns.
  • Daily page views on creative nerds on a normal is around 16,000 page views.
  • Creative Nerds was created by two brothers.
  • We aim every week to publish two or three blog posts a week.
  • Creative Nerds will be featured in the next issue of English design magazine PhotoshopCreative.
  • Most of our readers choose to read our blog posts in firefox.
  • Weekends are our worst days for traffic.

It feels so great to be a year old and hopefully we have lots more birthdays to celebrate in the future thanks again everyon.

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Feel free to leave a comment in order to share your birthday wishes it would really be appreciated.

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34 thoughts on “Creative Nerds Happy 1 Year Birthday

  1. Wow, one year already! Time flies when you’re having fun, right ;)!

    Anyway, I wish you the best and I hope to see CN in the upcoming years still producing high quality content!

  2. Hearty congrats to CN .
    Thanks for sharing top class contents so far and looking forward for more. Wishing you guys a great future.

  3. As a beginner in PS, I found the articles from creative nerds to be extremely useful. CD newsletters have been a constant source of inspiration and education for me and I have become a big fan of this website.
    Best Wishes on your first birthday and keep inspiring! Tks a lot.

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