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6 Ugly Truths About Being A Freelance Designer


This article is a great insight into common truths which may not sound so great about being a freelance designer. A great short enjoyable read.


Freelance designing is not easy hardwork

People assume freelancing is easy, for the simple fact that its easy to become a  freelance designer because their isn’t any initial start up costs. Freelance designing is more than being a good designer, there’s several other skills which come into play such as for e.g. marketing, fiance, project management etc in order to have a long a prosperous carea within the free web and design industry.

You wont be rich in a monthmoney

If your expecting to become very wealthy from your first month of freelancing, your going to be in for a big surprise. Freelancing involves long nights and early morning grafting away in order to make the big bucks. If you want to make those big bucks a lot of time, hardwork and determination will be required in order to do so.

You must save your money for rainy daysrainyday

With all job occupations its common sense to put money away for a rainy day. Especially when your a freelancer because you will never know when you’re next pay check will come, It could take weeks or potentially even months. You need to work hard and think smart when it comes to managing your finances.

Its very difficult to separate work life with personal life worklife

At times being a freelance it can be very difficult in order to find that that right work balance, of working hard and playing hard. Since most freelancer have a tendency work from a home office it can be very difficult to stop working and having social time, especially when theirs a lot of to be done. Most freelancers at some point within the carea will get to a point where their work life is completely consuming their social life.

Theres a lot of competition

There’s a lot of competition several large design agency to compete with alongside full-time and part time freelancers. You have to exceptionally good to beat freelancers and agency’s to clients work.

You need a plan B


You may not have any clients for a long period of time which means its impossible for you to generate any sort of income, therefore you must have a plan to fall back on. A passive income is essential in order to survive as a freelance designer, generating money from multiple sources.

Wrapping up..

Just a short article about the harsh truths, which come with territory when making that plunge into a full-time freelancing carea. There’s plenty more ugly truths when it comes to freelancing theses are just 6 aspects of freelancing which  should be carefully taken into consideration before becoming a freelancer. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article, i would love to hear what you personally dislike about freelance designing and also your thoughts on the article in the comments section.

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