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5 Powerful Tips For Marketing An Designers Online Portfolio


A collection of good tips which I consider as good advice if you’re starting out a as designer who is building an online portfolio or if your an experienced designer who’s looking to attract more visitors and clients to your online portfolio.

Note: The tips are not ascending in any particular order.

1. Submitting your sites to CSS Galleries


A great free and effective way to market your portfolio is to submit your website to online css galleries. This is an effective strategy for marketing your website because when ever CSS galleries showcase your site within their gallery they put link back referring to your website, this means that hundreds or even thousands of visitors will be going to site dependent upon how many CSS galleries your submit your website to. Bear in mind the fact they only accept good well designed sites. To find a list of CSS galleries just simply do a Google search and I’m sure your find a ton.

2. Building a strong social media presencesocial-marketing

How do you build a strong social media presence? Its very simple to build a presence on social media sites all what’s required is for you to just become an active member on that site i.e. contributing and networking with other people.

These are few good social media sites where you can network with other like minded designers and web designers, making people aware people of your skills and knowledge as well as attracting them back to your portfolio site.

  • Behance
  • Twitter
  • Design bump
  • Deviant

There’s a ton of great sites out where you can network with designers and potentially find new clients as well as promote your design portfolio or design service at the same time.

3. Start a blog or Start freelance bloggingblog

Weather your considering starting a personal blog where you talk about yourself and your day to day actives, or a design blog. Both types of blogs each have their perks, as long as you have something to say or to share such as a cool Photoshop trick, I’m more than certain people will choose read you blog. If your blog is extension off your portfolio visitors will then check out your whole site to learn more about you and to see your work which you have produced.

Blogging can be a tough challenge to maintain therefore alternative solutions instead of creating your own blog is to write for established blogs within your niche. Writing articles for other blogs will give you the opptunity to promote yourself on some of the biggest design blogs in the world, dependent upon if they allow you to write an article. Most design blogs offer the opptunity for their guest authors at the end of the article to promote their website alongside with a description about them self or company. If you have a good description within you bio at the end of the article people will more than certainly be persuade to give that link a click to learn more about the author’s site.

4. Google adsence keyword campaigngoogle

This is a powerful marketing tip because it allows you to bring exactly the perfect readers to your site who would be interested in the service which you offer or alliteratively checking out your website.

The downside to Google adsence is that it’s not a free marketing technique unfortunately it cost money in order to run a word ad campaign and in order to run a campaign which bring in ton of traffic it can be a fair bit of money.

5. Utilizing Flickrflickr

Utilizing Flickr is free and is easy to do so all, what’s required is to upload your best design work. The key to marketing your portfolio through flick is to submit your designs to Flickr groups and put a message in the description something like “hey guys like my design check out more portfolio” if people like your designs they will instantly want check out your site.

Final words..

The hard work doesn’t stop after you build your portfolio. If you want to instantly attract a huge wave of clients simply because you’ve created a beautiful portfolio the chances are unlikely that this will happen but good marketing of your site will ensure people will be heading over to your website.

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10 thoughts on “5 Powerful Tips For Marketing An Designers Online Portfolio

  1. Great Tips! Making your own online portfolio can be a difficult process in itself but marketing your site can be an even greater challenge. Starting your own blog as well as contributing to other peoples blogs are a great way to promote yourself which in turn can help generate traffic to your website.

  2. Well, those are the basics, for sure, but they don’t always work. You need “something” that attracts people, which is really random while following people, I can tell by my own experience.
    Second point of the article (IMO) used to work some years ago, now it’s only a matter of luck, so many users :)

  3. Great article.
    You should talk about SEO as another great marketing tip for portfolios. Being a professional photographer, it has helped me get an edge over my competition.
    I’ve built my website on PIxpa, and they allow me to define SEO properties for individual content items including images. The process is tedious and time-consuming, but the results outweigh the work put in.

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