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30 Professional Logo Design Processes Revealed

banner A collection of articles from logo designers who share their tips, tricks and secrets about the process they go through when creating a logo for a client. Including the process which Chris Spooner went through in order to redesign the design bump logo.

1. Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough

Project: myNiteLife

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonermy-night-life

2. Step By Step Design: The Thomas & Gray Logo

Project: Thomas & Gray

Logo Designer: Mario Oconthomas-grey

3. ProBlogger Logo Design

Project: Pro Blogger

Logo Designer: Mike pro-blogger

4. Logo Design Process Tutorial

Project: LTD

Logo Designer: Dry Iconsltd

5. Dache: Logo Design Process

Project: Dache

Logo Designer: Nick Laweb-mynd

6. Design Bump Logo Design Process

Project: Design Bump

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonerdesign-bump

7. Logo design for Social Signal

Project: Social Signal

Logo Designer: Geert Leyseelesocial-signal

8. Hot Box Logo Design

Project: Hotbox

Logo Designer: Dachehotbox

9. Komplett Fitness brand identity design

Project: Komplett Fitness

Logo Designer: David Arieykomplete-fittness

10. Logo Design Process for Just Creative Design’s Award Winning Logo

Project: Just Creative Design

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassjust-creative-design

11. The Logo Design Process for Ultimate Potential

Project: Ultimate Potential

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassultimate-potiential

12. JoomlaBamboo Logo Design Process

Project: JoomlaBamboo

Logo Designer: Graham Smith


13. Giacom brand identity design

Project: Giacom

Logo Designer: David Arieygigacom

14. Troove Logo Design Process

Project: troove

Logo Designer: Dachetrove

15. Logo Design Process For FITUCCI

Project: FITUCCI

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassfituu

16. Stratega

Project: Stratega

Logo Designer: Gavin Elliotstrategia

17. Brainstorm #9 Logo Process

Project: Braincast9

Logo Designer: Fabio Sassobrain-cast

18. The creative process for the Design Cubicle’s logo

Project: The Design Cubicle

Logo Designer: Brian Hoffdesign-cubicle

19. Mindberry Logo Design

Project: Mindberry

Logo Designer: Dachemindberry

20. Logo design process of Scroll magazine

Project: Scroll Magazine

Logo Designer: veerlescroll

21. Henri Ehrhart brand identity design

Project: Henri Ehrhart

Logo Designer: David Arieyhenri

22. Tammy Lenski brand identity design

Project: Tammy Lenski

Logo Designer: David Arieytammy-lanski

23. Sikbox Logo Design Process

Project: sikbox

Logo Designer: Fabio Sasso


24. Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Project: Vivid Ways

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonervividways

25. Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Project: ecometrica

Logo Designer: David Arieyecommetrica

26. Logo Design and Stationery for Aspire Hypnotherapy

Project: Aspire Hypnotherapy

Logo Designer: Gavin Elliottaspire

27. A Special Need logo design process

Project: Special Need logo

Logo Designer: Brian Hoffspeacial-need

28. Siah Design

Project: Siah Design

Logo Designer: Siah Design


29. The dache Logo Design Evolution

Project: Dache

Logo Designer: David Pachedache

30. Identity Design Process for Butterfield Photography

Project: Butterfield Photography

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassbutterfield


A well designed logo is essential to your business if you intend on building a brand presence. It needs to be easy to remember & recognize, simple enough to go on business promotional items and still get a simple message about your company to potential customers. Hope these tutorials have helped!

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60 thoughts on “30 Professional Logo Design Processes Revealed

  1. Nice collection and thank you for the many links out to my logo design process articles. It’s always interesting to see how other designers work.

  2. What an awesome collection!!

    Always very interesting to see how different designers do things, something to compare against!

  3. Excellent collection, thanks for including links to my design processes. There should be a new one from me shortly.

    It is always very intriguing to see what other processes there are.

  4. An amazing article rounding up the best design processes. Thanks for sharing this.

    It’s great to have an insight into how others work.

  5. Nice collection! The design process is always intriguing to see, so I enjoy having the opportunity to read about several of the best designers here.

    In fact, I think I’ll add some process work to my own site soon. Good design doesn’t just ‘happen’!

    Thanks for the article!

  6. Really nice article, its great to see the creating process from others designers.

    But you make some mistake on 17. Brainstorm #9 Logo Process

    Project: Stratega

    Logo Designer: Gavin Elliot


    Project: Brainstorm Blog and Logo

    Logo Designer: Fabio Sasso

  7. Thanks for including 2 logos I created…. however there’s a little mistake. The 17 is mine but was credited wrong.

    “Project: Stratega
    Logo Designer: Gavin Elliot”

  8. It’s interesting to see how each designer has their own thought processes. Just a quick note for businesses seeking an effective logo: Logos can be taken very personal for a client, though they should be seen as what they are; memorable trademarks. If you can achieve a simple symbol that is easily recognizable and not confused with the masses then you’ve achieved an effective design.

  9. muy buen tema me ayudará mucho. soy estudiante de disño grafico estoy en 6to. bueno me graduo el 31 de octubre por fin sali, ja ja ja. y ando en busca de todo lo que me pueda ayudar gracias totales.

  10. Baskog!!! Many Thanks! Its a great collection of a few creative minds and its a big help for beginners and aspiring logo designers like me.

  11. When I open your site in your browser, Safari 4 in Mac OS X, some elements of the page and off to the side and the text is broken: ( Please help me How can I remove the problem

  12. I was searching for some logo design ideas and came across this post. Thanks! It was very informative. I learned a good bit by seeing how other designers approach logo design.

  13. Great roundup – some of them more detailed than others but some interesting insights nonetheless. Thanks! Subbed

  14. Oh my, this is like a book on logo design. Its nice to know that on some of the items I am right on track “scouring the internet to find as many competitor’s logos as possible”. Also I have some new tips to apply like : I stay as far away as I can from a computer during this stage. I need to do that. Also the incorporation of graph paper – never tried that…..

    Muchas Gracias.

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