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10 free textures for next design project

This post we have carefully selected and compiled some of our personal favourite textures from our comprehensive library of textures which are available for free on Creative Nerds. There is a broad range of textures included, ranging from fire flames to pipe smoke. These different textures that we have selected are really something special and you are sure to find them to be a great asset in your projects. Furthermore, these textures are completely free and easily accessible, making them a great option if you’re looking for some high-quality textures to add to your designs.

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Pipe smoke free texture

A great free pipe smoke texture set 2500px by 2500px. The texture can be used in print and digital design. This a great 100% free texture we are really please to have added to our library of free textures.

Painted light effect free texture

This is a great a futuristic light painted background texture, which is 2500px by 2500px. This a great texture we are pleased to add to our huge library of free texture and background. This us a great free texture you’ll really enjoy using through out out your digital design projects. This is one of many free backgrounds and textures you can download from our free texture category.

Colorful flowers free texture

A multi coloured free flower texture, which is a high resolution for you to use across both digital and print design project. It’s very a colourful vibrant texture perfect to be used across a range of different types of design projects. This is a great free texture to add our library of free textures.

Fire flames free texture

This is a great authentic fire flames texture, which is a great free texture to use across your digital design projects and print artwork. This has to be one of the best ways to add an realistic fire effect across your designs. Its a texture we enjoyed creating and hope you apricate using across your designs. The texture 3000px by 3000px. The texture is 100% free to use however and where ever you please.

Watercolor paint dabs free texture set

The texture set is a hi-res texture watercolour paint set, which is 3000px by 3000px the texture consists of two textures in total. The set can be used in a wide variety of way projects from print to digital. The set is completely free, and can be used in commercial and personal design project.

Black and white free decayed grunge texture

This is great texture, which we really enjoyed crafting together. Its a dark grunge texture decayed texture you can overlay over image images to add great unique grunge effect to your design. The texture is 2500px by 2500px. Its a must download texture your really enjoy using across your artwork and projects. 

Abstract vintage free sunburst texture

This is an abstract sunburst texture, which is a great retro vintage style texture. The texture is 3000px by 3000px, which is a good hi-res size for both print and digital design projects. This is a great texture we are really pleased to add to our huge library of free textures.

Watercolor paint blobs free texture

This is a personal favourite texture we have released on Creative Nerds. This is a watercolor paint blobs free texture you can download and start using in your projects right away. The texture is a large scale textures to use across your digital design projects.

Orange and Black hi-res free brick wall texture set

This is a hi-res brick wall texture, which is available in two different colours. This texture is a large resolution texture perfect for print, or digital based designs. This is a great texture to add to our growing catalogue of free textures to use how ever you please.

Blood drops free texture

A blood drops free texture. A great authentic blood effect to use across you design projects. The texture is 2500px by 2500px a decent size to use across your digital design projects.

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