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Photoshop 2017 CC Revealed with new features

Photoshop’s steady stem of new updates rather than a complete Re-hall of Photoshop continues with the new Photoshop 2017 edition, which is packed with a few more nifty new features sure to make your mouth water. In the blog post we have listed a few of those new f...


40 must read free eBooks for web designers

As web designer its important to constantly be striving to learn more and broaden your mind. E-books are great way to learn more about web design. E-books can truly provide you a fountain of knowledge of information, and there’s a lot to be learnt. The beauty of ...


7 Effective tips for overlaying text on imagery

This blog post is a sponsored post brought to you by the great guys over at In this blog post where looking at effective tips for incorporating text on imagery. When it seems like typography alone just isn’t the right medium for what you’re working on, ...